Hello, World!

The famous “Hello, World!” program is the first program any one learns to code in any programming language.

As a function, this small program prints the sentences “Hello, World!” on to the screen. For developers, it confirms their program can compile, load and show output. So, their basic infrastructure is up and running!

I remember when I wrote this as my first program in C++ – somewhere in my 10th grade, it made me so happy and I’m sure it’s such a great adrenaline rush for all new developers as well – to successfully communicate with the computer for the first time through code.

It made me feel powerful to know I can command the machine to do anything I want. On the other hand, it also left me intrigued as to understand what made it possible?

So it’s only fitting for me to start this new programming blog with “Hello, World!” 😀

I’m a software developer currently developing client facing RESTful APIs in C#. I plan to share my experiences in the IT industry, things I learn day-in and day-out and the problems I get to solve everyday.

If you like what you read, have an another perspective and would like to discuss alternatives or are learning, please reach out to me in the comment section or send me an email. I would love to connect with all of you.

If you want to know what intrigues me other than programming, check out my personal blog: Capture Sunshine where I write about life, life lessons and share my musings.

I hope to be here for a long time. Enjoy your stay!

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